Image The best fishing spots in the world

The best fishing spots in the world

Fishing is a relaxing outdoor activity. It consists of catching fish with specific equipment. Basic fishing equipment includes a fishing rod, a fishing line, a bait and a hook. Fishing may consist of catching any aquatic animals which are not necessarily fish. The joy of catching fish is so great which makes fishing an exciting activity. Whether you go fishing in a river, in a lake, or in the ocean, it is always pleasurable to go fishing. It is true that there are some regulations concerning fishing that you have to know.

For example, it is crucial to know the opening fishing seasons, the catch limits, the fish size limits of the fish to catch, as well as the regulations about the fishing areas. Massive fishing is also prohibited. As a result, it is usually important to know these essential regulations before fishing in a specific area.

Fishing amateurs have the best fishing equipment. In addition, they travel around the world for their favorite recreational pastime to discover a new country and to discover new varieties of fish. Therefore, you might be interested in knowing about the best fishing spots in the world.

The best fishing spots

A fishing trip is a great outdoor activity especially if you have all the necessary equipment for your fishing adventure. Choosing a fishing destination is the most fascinating part of the fishing holiday preparation. On the internet you can find many sites for fishing. Here are the 10 most popular fishing spots in the world:

  •  Amazon Basin, Brazil. It is popular for its piranha
  •  Oostduinkerke, Belgium: The fishing spot is famous for its shrimp
  •  Brainerd, USA: If you are fond of ice fishing, it is the right spot for you.
  •  Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego: Brown trouts abound in the fishing spot.
  •  Halong Bay, Vietnam: The best spot for catching squid.
  •  Congo River Basin, Congo: It is a popular fishing destination for the Goliath tigerfish.
  •  Lake Alan Henry, Texas: It is a hot fishing spot for catching bass.
  •  Alphonse Island, Seychelles: If you want to catch bonefish, this is the best spot for you.
  •  Halong Bay, Vietnam: If you are fascinated in catching octopus, this is the right place to go.
  •  Arkansas National Wildlife Refuge, USA: This spot is famous for sea trout and flounder.

Tips to help you organize a fishing trip around the world

In addition to discovering a new fishing spot, fishing gives fish amateurs the opportunity to meet new people and discover new fish species. Organizing a fishing trip to your own is quite challenging because you have made sure that the fishing spot is open for fishing. Fishing regulations may vary from a region to a region.

As a result, it is crucial to be aware of all the fishing regulations in your fishing destination before starting your fishing trip adventure. In this case, you should book your trip through Opodo, the online travel agency which liaises with tour operators and hotels in many countries in the world. Opodo offers practical advice and recommendations about fishing destinations around the world. Trust to arrange everything from your flights, your accommodations and your car hire around your destination.